Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Ok so as of my last post, I was to be doing the Whole30 and updating daily.  Well I'm not sure what happened but I succumbed to cravings and I think I ran out of healthy options before I was able to go grocery shopping so here I am once again with a new plan in mind.  I workout at Crossfit321 and they are going to be starting a paleo challenge within the next few weeks.  I'm pretty much going to try and eat as paleo as possible, while avoiding foods that may affect my inflammation and control my MS.  The paleo challenge is going to result in C@$H money so I figure prepare myself now so I can WIN :-).  I've stocked up pretty good on real, whole, allowed foods so I shouldn't run into any problems running out of healthy ideas.

Recently, I picked up a copy of Practical Paleo.  In it, the author, Dianne Sanflippo of Balanced Bites has made it clearer than glass about who should be eating what and why.  Using her resources laid out in the book, I am going to try and attempt a full 30 days of the Autoimmune Protocol as well as avoiding FODMAPs since my belly is the most sensitive to everything.  Just ask my boyfriend how many times he's heard, "my stomach hurts".  It's become annoying hearing myself say it over and over, day after day.  If you're wondering what I will be eliminating and what I will be eating, this is basically the breakdown:

PALEO (eliminate the following)

-refined grains (including but not limited to barley, rye, wheat, quinoa, oats, spelt, buckwheat, rice, etc.)
-dairy products (yogurt, cheese, milk,
-artificial sweeteners (splenda, sweet & low, equal, truvia, stevia, high fructose corn syrup)
-industrialized oils (cottonseed, corn, soybean, canola, or rapeseed)
-legumes (soy, beans, etc.)
-alcohol (some allow red wine but if you're eating strict paleo, this is not allowed)

AUTOIMMUNE PROTOCOL (eliminate the following in addition to the above)

-cayenne pepper
-chili peppers
-chipolte powder

FODMAPs (eliminate the following)

-brussels sprouts
-dandelion greens
-green onions
-apples (incl. applesauce)
-coconut aminos
-coconut milk
-coconut water/juice
-coconut butter
-coconut flakes

Ok so if you have made it this far, you might be wondering, what's left?  Well this is your answer:


-green beans
-squash (all)
-sweet potatoes
-coconut oil
-olive oil
-olives (all)
-grass fed beef/bison
-organic chicken
-wild-caught fish
-organic pork
-sugar free, nitrate free bacon (mmmmmmmmm)

I will post later in the week what my meals will look like, talk about spices, alternative "milks" and I will even throw in a recipe :-)

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