Monday, August 6, 2012

This is what happens when you deadlift without socks

So let me just start by saying today is Monday.  I slept like shhhhhhhh last night due to the massive oven that was my bedroom.  When 5:00am rolled around, my lazy bum so nicely hit snooze once, then twice, then by the next time it went off I realized, OMFG ASHLEY GET UP, it's 5:45.  You see, I take a Crossfit class 3 times a week.  It starts at 6:00am.  It's a 10 minute drive from my house.  Part of me told myself it wasn't worth it to rush off and show up late and I would go tonight but let's be honest, me working out any other time then early morning - ain't happenin.  I found the energy to get myself there, arrived only 20 minutes late and just in time for the WOD.  Today we did a little something called deadlifts.  *Note to self - buy Crossfit socks - your shins will be freed from pain.  This bruise developed in a matter of minutes. Narley huh? Hurts like a B. Damn deadlifts. I hate love you.

As far as Whole30 goes, today is officially Day 1.  I posted yesterday reasons why I'm doing it and I have a couple more to add to that list:

#4 - I have ADD so I take Adderall.  My body currently depends on this medicine for energy.  Ask my boyfriend - I am a zombie without it.  I use it for focusing.  To keep me from running around and actually getting things done.  The problem is, I don't like taking medicines.  Never have and never will.  I'm determined to find relief from this "disorder" through Whole30 and free myself from these meds.  I only have a week's supply left so that will hit me right around day 6 or 7 so I'm hoping by then my body adjusts to the lack of sugar/carbs.

#5 - I am a sugar addict.  I have good willpower most days but to be completely honest, I developed bulimia in 2010 and ever since, I just haven't had a good relationship with food.  I used to religiously measure every calorie that went into my body and couldn't do anything, including going to work, without putting in at least 30 minutes on the elliptical every morning.  I was skinny.  In fact, I was 30 lbs skinnier than I am now but my hair was falling out, more smoke came out of my mouth than a chimney, and everyone told me I didn't look well.  I felt amazing because I was skinny.  Fast forward months later and I found myself wrapped in a binge-starve cycle that I wouldn't break for another year.  It has been a terrible roller coaster ride and I am ready to beat these sugar demons to the ground.  I am thankful for having an amazing boyfriend, Jesse, that has been uber supportive and loving of me, through all my ups and downs, and through every pound I have gained.

I have done pretty well today.  I ate some eggs and kale for breakfast, a nice big salad for lunch, some almonds for snack and paleo meatballs with broccoli for dinner.  I'm done for today and have to say I've done pretty well.  I think tomorrow I might start cutting out nuts though.  I realize they are too easy to overdose on and not long after I ate them, my whole body started feeling like it was swollen.  Coincidence? Perhaps.  But only elimination will tell.

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